Virus Assessment


Problems do not disappear or simply resolve themselves pop ups and error messages can become annoying. It is best to catch the virus early, don't wait or the infection can spread. Once it infects your Operating system, you are risking having to re install your OS from scratch...
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Data Backup 

Everyone uses the Cloud, which is great for accessing data between the workplace and home. iCloud, OneDrive, and Dropbox are good examples, backing up to an external hard drive is an alternate solution. What happens when you don't have internet connectivity? You won't be able to access your stored data.....
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Effective Solutions for your computing needs


Hardware & Software
Design your own system


Operating Systems Repair

Operating systems are the backbone of any system, from Android - Ubuntu they all have a recovery tool. You can restore your device to the point when you first bought it or restore it to a time in when it was working best. Protect and secure your OS with software and built in tools through your motherboard bios. There are free tools to access it, let me show you how...
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Hardware Updates


Having the best hardware can be costly, but you can build a system in 2016 that will last till 2022. If you bought a device today it is more than likely that the hardware within is over 5 months old or more. A new device today is outdated within a month, technology is always progressing so having the latest hardware will help you keep up with the times...
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